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Airport Store

We started with the Airport store Since 2013 which is a representation of unique made in Rwanda products for passengers from all over Africa. In 2017 as the high end mall Kigali heights was opening, UZURI was launching its second store that represents its products in a unique way to the local customers. Our presentation is a warm atmosphere with a foreign vibe that reminds us of every home whether you are from around the corner or far away from home.

KH Store

Every welcome is attended by a “smile” and a “hello” from our sales team that will go beyond their way to make sure you receive our shoes. From our Kigali heights store our customers are able to design their own styles, one will either get a pair or even choose materials to design the same style for your mood, feeling and choices. At our airport store, you will choose sandals from our range of products and colorful feel we offer.

Experience store

The experience store is one of a kind; this new space was opened March 20th 2020 with a purpose to reach a diverse demography of working women who work in different corners of the city center. The store is located in the ever first mall of Kigali Kigali City Mall (KCM) or former Union Trade Center (UTC). The experience store was also found to highlight ecommerce where all customers are encouraged to shop online and use online tools. Furthermore, it is a safe space for women who enter the building where they can request services including borrowing a book, request for a pad or tampon piece for free. It a dynamic flagship store meant to maintain the classic working class service the brand offers..