co-founder & Managing Director

Kevine Kagirimpundu

Kevine Kagirimpundu is the managing Director, and co-creator of the first local shoe brand. Furthermore, while obtaining her degree in creative design, she also acquired business and leadership skills from organizations teaching entrepreneurship worldwide.

Co-founder & Chief Finance Officer


Ysolde SHIMWE is the co-founder and Chief Finance Officer, a creative design passionate where she co-founded a local shoe making brand. She holds a Bachelor degree in Creative Design and has acquired her business and leadership skills from entrepreneurship trainings.

Director of retail


Raissa UMURERWA, Director of retail responsible for managing, leading and developing the retail network and operations, sales, stores management and improve customer service management. Prior to joining the team, she obtained her degree in logistics management.

Assistant retail manager


Ivan Gakire is the assistant retail manager in charge of the Kigali international airport store; for the past years working for the company he has acquired skills of management and leadership. In addition to that he is now at the ending point of accomplishment of his bachelor degree in accounting option.

production & supply chain manager


JEAN MARIE IRADUKUNDA is a production and supply chain manager (SCM), he developed his management skills at young age through his own small business. He later joined his passion of shoe making to lead the company’s largest team. He is driven to take the local produced footwear to the world.