Chief Executive Officer

Kevine Kagirimpundu

Our Chief Executive Officer and co-founder obtained her degree in creative designs & environmental built. She acquired business development and leadership skills from various organizations such as Institute of Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW). She is passionate about a sustainable environment & leverages her skills to educate youth and women from vulnerable urban communities. In 2019, Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative named her among top 10 heroes creating change across Africa.

Creative Director

Ysolde Shimwe

Our creative director and co-founder has a degree in Creative Design and Environmental Built, she has developed her product design skills and leadership from various courses She has a particular interest in designing sustainable products where projects are taken from concepts to tangible materials while being environmentally conscious. She strongly believes in educating and creating opportunities for the youth and women from less privileged communities. She believes in her ability to grow UZURI K&Y from manual processes to utilizing digital and technology based processes. She was named the most promising Business woman by KORA coaching in 2016.

Finance Officer

Brenda Gahima

The finance officer has a degree in Business Administration with honors in finance.She has a powerful sense of understanding and crafting meaningful numbers and she is currently pursuing her CPA.

Production Manager

Jean Marie Iradukunda

He has skills in production and supply chain management. He works with the largest staff in the company which is the 60+ people who make the team of shoe makers. He ensures that production processes are followed by the books especially recycling and ensuring a zero waste product. He says:”Our goal is to produce a complete eco friendly shoe with an idea that our customer is a responsible user who wishes to buy a durable product. We encourage repair, reuse, recreate”

Human Resource & People culture

Lydie Isimbi

She has passion for people and she is a natural leader and has increased her knowledge while studying at the University of Rwanda. In addition, with her listening and communication skills she is interested in supporting others to achieve their goals. Her interest is to pursue International relations.

Experience store Manager

Brenda Mona

The store manager at our first experience store located at the City Mall Store, She works closely with her team to cater to customers. Our customer service model is: “Serving one customer the same way we serve 100 customers”. She has acquired management skills while working at UZURI and currently pursuing her IT degree.

IT Officer

Liliane Kabanyana

She revolutionized how we manage our digital systems from ecommerce to website management and training programs. Her career in information technology strengthened when she joined UZURI and she has since made a big difference. She holds a bachelor's degree in Information Technology. “My goal is to become an expert in my career,grow the use of ecommerces by supporting and encouraging our customers in every way they will be familiar and satisfied with digital systems”

Administrative assistant

Aline Umutesi

Her skills in management developed as she joined UZURI in 2019, she aims to go further by pursuing a Business administration higher degree. She manages internal systems and communication between the teams. She has created processes and reports for the management team.

Training Program Coordinator

Grace Umwiza

She has trained from EDP Akazi Kanoze and learned to transfer her knowledge of soft skills to the over 500 trainees so far. She manages a team of shoe trainers and trainees who join the TVET program.