The “Industrial Based Training for footwear manufacturing” created by UZURI K&Y intends to increase the capacity building of shoe makers in Rwanda to support the development of the country’s shoe manufacturing industry. This will significantly increase the quality of shoes sold locally and exported internationally as well as foster the economic growth of the country and made in Rwanda fostering.

Since 2013, UZURI K&Y partnered with the German organization Senior Expert Services to successfully test the concept of providing training services by an experienced expert from the shoe making industry. Further to this, in 2017 and 2018 more people graduated from the training after partnering with Work Development Authority (WDA) through their National Employment Program (NEP).

The program continues to result into facilitating the transfer of technical skills from international experts to different shoe makers such as fashion related and leather shoe industries in Rwanda. New technologies are introduced by the experts, thereby increasing the number of skilled technicians in the local shoe industry. Furthermore, the program will add value for small shoe manufacturers by increasing the level of skills for their existing employees and new skilled labor on the market.

Within 5 years we had made a direct impact on over 750 people through skills and employments by introducing our training program that targets young people and women in our community; where we believe that practical knowledge increases their chances to real life jobs or even micro business creations that bring daily income. At least 100 pairs of shoes, made during the training program, are donated to less privileged children from Gahanga area schools.