UZURI K&Y is an African inspired shoe brand and manufacturer established in Rwanda since 2013. The company was founded by two women entrepreneurs (Kevine & Ysolde) who met at University while studying Creative Designs. Furthermore, the two young women simply believed that it would ideal to gather knowledge and create a common mission. “We engaged in deep conversations, shared life perspectives and dreamed a lot of the future. It was incredible how our desires converged to be a common vision. We shared this passion for fashion and we wanted very much to create jobs for our community. Therefore, we thought of putting together our efforts to expand our ideas. We aim to go far,towards creating sustainable products and improve more people’s lives especially for women and youth.”

_Kevine & Ysolde.


Our vision is to be a well-known, international and eco-friendly footwear brand in a world where Rwanda is a recognized origin of fashion items. “We map Rwanda in the fashion world.”


Our mission is to provide affordable footwear of constantly improving quality to fashion-lovers in Rwanda and all over the world. Inspired by our African heritage, the footwear is designed in Rwanda and handcrafted by local people. Being sustainable and socially responsible by creating employment especially for women and youth in Rwanda is at the heart of our business where women get to take change the lives of their families while youngsters are given hope to a brighter future.


In 2016 KORA & IFC awarded UZURI as the best women start up while in 2018 Rwanda Development Board named the brand the best made in Rwanda enterprise of the year.